Book-Inspired Off-Grid Modular Tiny House by West Coast Outbuildings

You will want to take a look at this off-grid house by Westcoast Outbuildings. The off-grid house and modular design is a cost-effective way to get the house that you want. In this short video, you ge ... read more

14×20 Modern Cabin Tiny House by Kanga Room Systems

A cute modern tiny house by Kanga Room Systems could be perfect for many different uses. A tiny house like this could be great for use as a guest house or a rental unit, or even a studio space. It cou ... read more

Outdoorsy Couple Design 280 Square Foot Tiny House with Chef’s Kitchen

Here's a tiny house that shows us how much you can fit into a small house design. Couple Vanessa and Jared wanted to be able to pursue their passion for travelling so they designed a tiny house on whe ... read more

14×24 Modern Cabin-Style Tiny House by Kanga Room Systems

Have a look at this cabin style tiny house from Kanga Room Systems. This 14 foot by 24-foot modern small house design could work as a tiny house to living, or it could also be a great vacation home, g ... read more

Stay in the Casa Rosa at Austin’s Original Tiny Home Hotel in Texas

Before building a tiny house of your own, it's important to do some research to see if you'll enjoy small house living. A great idea is to stay in a few different tiny houses before you start a tiny h ... read more

Travel-Minded Couple Live Tiny to Save Up for International Adventure

Do you dream of travelling around the world but your mortgage is keeping you stuck in one place? Or maybe your rent is ridiculously high, and you can't save your money to go travelling. Couple Michell ... read more

Woodworker’s Son Remodels Old Green Bus into One-of-a-Kind Tiny House

You will want to take a look at this short video that takes you through this tiny house on wheels. This tiny house building remodeled by a woodworker's son is nothing short of inspiring. With its dist ... read more

The Montauk from Tiny Hamptons Homes Offers Big Design in a Tiny Package

Just because a home is tiny doesn't mean that it can't have a ton of style. The Montauk from Tiny Hamptons is one of their small house designs that would be perfect for small house living. It would al ... read more

Engineering Couple Plus Their Three Dogs Live in 200 Square Foot Tiny House

Just when you think off-grid houses couldn't get any better, along comes the Basecamp plus Green for a tiny house on wheels that has everything you need. The Basecamp plus Green has everything that th ... read more

Adorable 272 Square Feet Domed Tiny House from Barrett Leisure for $30,000

Building a log home or cabin can be exciting, but it can also be a lot of work. That's why it's great there are log home kits available which make building a log house or cabin so much easier if you'r ... read more

Perch & Nest Releases Newest Family Size Tiny Farmhouse on Wheels

The Roost 36 is a tiny house on wheels from Perch & Nest that you are sure to love. The cabin building is 36 feet long with a screened in porch, a farmhouse style kitchen, retractable rear doors, and ... read more

Greenmoxie Unveils Off-Grid and Eco-Friendly 340 Square Foot Tiny House

Do you love small house design? Or maybe you're interested in small house living or having a small house to use as a vacation home. This is one of the many cool small house designs out on the market t ... read more

Tiny House with a Tiny Hot Tub by Tiny Wood Homes of England

Living in a tiny house on wheels doesn't mean you have to limit yourself or your small house design. If you are thinking of building a tiny house on wheels but you'd like to have the luxury of having ... read more

Vancouver Couple Build 500 Square Foot Tiny House with a Garage and Balcony

Check out this great small house design created by couple Brendon and Akua. Their home is located in Vancouver, British Columbia and it's a total of 500 square feet. They had some help from Smallworks ... read more

The Delightful 400 Square Foot “DeeDee” by Titan Tiny Homes

Are you intrigued by small house living? Even if you're not interested in living in a tiny house of your own, you may be very excited to see all of the cute small house designs that are being created ... read more

399 Square Foot Tiny House Complete with a White Picket Fence

If your dream of that perfect home with the white picket fence seems to be just out of reach, perhaps you can try out a tiny house like this one featured on Tiny House. The tiny house on wheels was fo ... read more

The Beekeeper’s Bungalow by The Small House Catalog: Tiny House Perfection

This tiny house building The Beekeeper’s Bungalow is named for the owner's beekeeping wife, Jamie. Shawn and Jamie built the small cottage home themselves, doing all the work other than the concrete f ... read more

Spacious and Luxurious Tiny House with Room for Big Toys

The Sawtooth is one of the newest tiny house models from Tiny Idahomes. This small house design even features the option of hauling ATVs, motorcycles and other toys right in the home through the garag ... read more

New Zealand Couple Build Tiny House to Live in During College and Beyond

This young New Zealand couple shows us that tiny house building is a great option. The couple decided to build their own tiny house on wheels after seeing a bunch of tiny houses online and in TV shows ... read more

Gorgeous 399 Square Foot Champion Homes Tiny House for Sale in Sonoma, California

Have a look at this beautiful Champion Tiny House built in 2017. If you've been looking to buy a tiny house on wheels, this one is actually for sale too. So if you like what you see, you can purchase ... read more

65 Minimalist Tiny Houses That Prove That Less Is More

Small house design is quite minimalist by nature, but there are some tiny houses that take that minimalist style and bring it to the next level. Even though this home style and design has been around ... read more

Luxurious Tiny House Built For A King at Park Model Homes

This isn't just your regular tiny house on wheels. This is a small house design from Park Model Homes, and it's not as compact as tiny houses on wheels since it's a park model home. Park models can be ... read more

The Timbercraft Retreat Is a Stunning Luxury Tiny House

If you don't think you'd be able to live in a small house design under 400 square feet, this sizable tiny house from Timbercraft Tiny Homes is what you need. This small house design makes small house ... read more

New Technologies Meeting a Tiny Living - 3D Printed Tiny House Has Actual Succulents In Its Tiles

In our day and age, there are continuously so many new innovations and inventions. One of them being the 3D printer that is currently available to the general public. You can put any object into the p ... read more

For Sale - Loft Tiny 273 Square Feet House on Wheels For $59,900.

Have you been admiring all of the great tiny houses that have been showing up lately? Maybe you're even thinking of building a small house of your own, or you're curious about small house living in ge ... read more

Tiny House For The Rock Climbers

One of the many great things about tiny house building is the creative freedom you have with your small house design. Since tiny houses are an out of the box option to begin with, it's not unusual to ... read more

Moving Sizable Tiny House That Can Accomodate Up To 6 Persons

The Retreat is one of the beautiful small house designs from Timbercraft Tiny Houses. They have some of the best tiny small house designs out there right now with many of their homes being on the larg ... read more

Modular Tiny House Made of Cardboard Costs $35,600

The Wikkelhouse also known as the Wrap House gets its name from its manufacturing process, which involves using 24 layers of cardboard before being wrapped around a rotating house mold. The modular ti ... read more

Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator

We've all experienced procrastination, some of us more than others, and sometimes it could even be on a regular basis. Tim Urban calls himself a master procrastinator, and he's created an entire websi ... read more

Your Brain Hallucinates Your Conscious Reality

One of the greatest mysteries is how consciousness works. In each of our brains, billions of neurons fire off to create a conscious experience. This creates your personal experience of the world that ... read more
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